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Solstice (USA) - Pray

The 2nd album from 1995 by death/thrashing Americans Solstice. This saw the band lose original vocalist/guitarist Rob Barrett to Christian Rudes - but if you weren't aware of that you wouldn't necessarily notice due to the similarities in vocal style. Although it's a great album, I don't think it's as great as the bands great self titled debut album. Solstice reformed a few years back and released their third album in 2009 - looking to pick that up soon. An original pressing on Steamhammer Records.

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  1. Do you have their first album? I am reissuing both albums in June and we are trying to get scan of the picture on the inside liner notes. my copy is water damaged and when i tried pulling apart to scan it tore the booklet/folder. Dennis' version doesn't have the picture in it. my email is tribunalrecords@aol.com if that helps. I have some other questions about your CD collection. very impressive, nice to see someone rival me. :)