Welcome to Source of Steel - The Heavy Metal Museum. For the metal head who likes to own or collect physical CDs, Source of Steel is my website dedicated to the love of physical metal on shiny plastic discs. Micro-reviews, thoughts, pics of my own collection and random utterances galore. The site started out purely as a way of sharing my rarities to like-minded fans, but now (for longevity's sake more than anything) it is open to new physical metal music bits I've picked up, including new releases and other random shit.

Caducity - The Weiliaon Wielder Quest / Whirler of Fate

The debut and 2nd album from Belgium's epic death metal crew Caducity. Both albums released by Shiver Records. Original and impressive death metal, certainly qualifies the tag 'epic' too - just look at the length of some of the song titles, they'd certainly give Bal Sagoth a run for their money.

Funebrarum - Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods

This is Funebrarum's debut album in it's original first pressing by Necroharmonic Records. For those who have yet to venture into the realms of Funebrarum, do so immediately. A fantastically sick, twisted and evil feast of doomy Death Metal for the whole family.

Acid Drinkers - Are You Rebel? / Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks

Here's the first two albums from infamous Polish thrashers Acid Drinkers, in their early original pressings on Under One Flag. Recently re-issued on Metal Mind, I personally prefer Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks to the debut, as it has a harder, thrashier feel to it in my opinion.

Toxin - Misantrophy

The only full length album from German thrasher Toxin, Misantrophy was one of those early 90's thrash albums that, although were worthwhile musically, were pretty much glossed over due to the time of it's release. Great stuff for fans of old Germanic thrash like Destruction, Sodom and even the likes of Tankard.

Vermin - Plunge into Oblivion

Sweden's Vermin started off great, but then tailed off into a world of Death N Roll obscurity. This, their debut album features the best stuff they did, very much Swedeath as you'd expect.

Killing Addiction - Omega Factor

J L America never lasted long as a label, and their releases were incredibly hit and miss in terms of quality. Killing Addiction was one of the best releases they put out in my opinion, really gnarly angry death metal. The band re-formed and did a 2nd album, but it never quite matched the quality of this one. Definitely worth looking out for.

Nasty Savage - Penetration Point

More good thrash here from Nasty Savage. This is their 2nd album, in its original first pressing on Rotten Records - now out of print.

Protector - A Shedding of Skin

Germany's Protector's albums are pretty hard to come across, so I was super happy to find an original pressing of (arguably) their best album 'A Shedding of Skin' for a low price. Original C&C/Major first pressing from 1991 - so many bootlegs of this, it's not even funny.

Turbo - Dead End

My favoured album from Poland's Turbo. Excellent fast thrash metal from these guys, with this album an original early pressing on Under One Flag.

Necromantia - Crossing the Fiery Path / Scarlet Evil Witching Black

The debut and sophomore albums from Greece's black metal crew Necromantia, in original pressings on Osmose Records. These have the original artwork, which were dumped for terrible replacement covers on the later re-issues. Great black metal, that uses bass guitars rather than regular guitars.

Beherit - H418ov21.C / Electric Doom Synthesis

Beherit's two non-metal albums here, in original pressings on Spinefarm. Not exactly my cup of tea musically by the time they reached this point of their career, but I can appreciate the band wanted to follow their own artistic road.

Infernö - Utter Hell

Infernö are great, simple as that. Excellent drunken, unholy thrash metal (with touches of black/death) right here, courtesy of Osmose Records.

Sigh - Infidel Art

This is the original first Digipak pressing on Cacophonous Records of Japanese weirdo avante-black monsters Sigh. To me, their best release (alongside their debut, of course). Good stuff, and really love the artwork for being so different.

Re-animator - Condemned to Reality

This is an Under One Flag pressing of Re-animator's debut album "Condemned to Reality" which has bonus tracks from their e.p "Deny Reality". It was 'un-officially' reissued, in a really bad form by Kraze Records, with the music taken directly from a vinyl (you can actually hear the turntable moving, and the crackle). Ignore that bollocks, and pick up this original legit pressing if you can find it. It's worth it for some great UK thrash.

Hypocrisy - Penetralia / Osculum Obscenum / Inferior Devotees E.P

The first two full length releases from Swedish death metal crew Hypocrisy, followed by their EP from 1994. High quality shit, as I'm sure most death metal fanatics will already know. All original pressings on Nuclear Blast.

Hexx - Morbid Reality

The third and final album from Hexx, the band with links to Autopsy via Clint Bower. Musically they were pretty different (especially the early albums which were more regular heavy/speed metal). This album saw them adopt a more aggressive thrash tone, with death metal influences. An original pressing on Century Media, out of print.

Black Sabbath - Headless Cross

Sabbath's 13th studio album was another decent slab of Heavy Metal which they were peddling around the late 80's and early 90's. Picked this up for a couple of pounds 2nd hand, completing my Sabbath studio album collection on CD. An original pressing on I.R.S records.

Sacrifice - Apocalypse Inside

Sacrifice's fourth album, Apocalypse Inside has some strong thrash considering the time of it's release in 1993, when most had jumped off the thrash bandwagon and died out, gone nu, or gone death. An original pressing on Metal Blade.

Impaled Nazarene - Ugra Karma

This is the infamous early pressing of Impaled Nazarene's second album, with the original artwork which had to be changed for later pressings due to the fact that the original art wasn't used with permission from the artist. As for the music, it's what you'd expect from Impaled Nazarene, christ-raping infernal blasphemy! Great stuff.

Barathrum - Infernal

Barathrum from Finland stirred the waters of blasphemous, evil black metal in the 90s, and this is one of their better albums (also, one of the hardest to find these days due to being out of print due to label Nazgul's Eyrie disappearing). Worth looking into.

Odhinn - From a Splendourus Battle

Odhinn from Sweden never lasted long, but they certainly left a scorch mark in the world of viking/black metal. The band featured members of In Battle and Valkyria, and this was the band's debut E.P on Napalm Records from 1998. They went onto release a lesser full length album, before dissolving.

Crucifier - The Ninth Year

Crucifier were a great death metal band from the US, who also threw in the odd slices of black and doom throughout their years of existence. This compilation from 1999 pulls a lot of the bands demo material together, in a classic raw death metal style. An original pressing on Elegy Records.