Welcome to Source of Steel - The Heavy Metal Museum. For the metal head who likes to own or collect physical CDs, Source of Steel is my website dedicated to the love of physical metal on shiny plastic discs. Micro-reviews, thoughts, pics of my own collection and random utterances galore. The site started out purely as a way of sharing my rarities to like-minded fans, but now (for longevity's sake more than anything) it is open to new physical metal music bits I've picked up, including new releases and other random shit.

Cianide - The Dying Truth

Classic doomy death metal here from long running Illinois crew, Cianide. 'The Dying Truth' - the bands debut - is my personal favourite out of all their releases. This is the original pressing on Grind Core records from 1992.

Oppressor - Solstice of Oppression

Debut album from US Tech death experts, Oppressor. Their best album in my opinion. This is an original pressing on Red Light Records from 1994.

Faustcoven - The Halo of Burning Wings

Yeeeeeeesssssss! Fucking Faustcoven you fucking fuckers!! This album blew me away when I first heard it. If you haven't checked it out as yet, I suggest you do. Black metal with a huge lump of doomy influences. This is an original hand numbered (to 666, no less) version on CD, released by Barbarian Wrath.

Death - Leprosy / Spiritual Healing

Had a request for these as apparently the Combat Records pressings are hard to come by. So, here they are - the 2nd and 3rd albums from the Godfathers of the genre themselves..

Altar - Youth Against Christ / Ego Art

Here's the debut and sophomore albums from anti-Christian Dutch death metal crew Altar. Both CDs in original pressings from Displeased Records and out of print.

Victims of Internal Decay - Victims of Internal Decay

Debut (and so far as I'm aware, only) album from US Death five piece Victims of Internal Decay. Pretty much as meat and potatoes as it gets, but nice to throw on for some genuine old school death metal. I remember hearing one of the guitarists of the band had one leg, hence the band going under the name of 'Death on Nine Legs'. Original pressing on CD via Red Light/Grind Core records. Not particularly hard to come by so it seems, but definitely out of print.