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Yattering - Human's Pain

This is an original pressing on tiny Polish label Moonlight Productions.

Yattering are a bit of a weird one. They started out as a quite ordinary Polish tech-death metal band, until they released their last couple of albums, which saw them gradually slip straight down the abnormality chute, culminating in the album 'III', which was some fucking awful dance remix album along the lines of Avulsed's 'Cybergore' embarrassment. Needless to say, they split soon afterwards, for the good of all mankind. Anyhow, rewind to their debut 'Human's Pain', and we find Yattering actually creating some pretty good music, capturing them at their best.

Kicking off with an overly long, pointless intro, the album truly kicks into gear with 'The Feeling' – reeking of prime Polish death through and through. Coming across like the little brother of Devilyn, Lost Soul and Decapitated all rolled into one prime punishing machine, 'Human's Pain' can (on occasion) tear off your face and wipe its arse on it. The dual vocal assault can get a little tiresome at times, similarly to those heard used on the later 'death metal' era Extreme Noise Terror releases, but is generally bearable. However, it was the angry waspish soloing, outlandish bass-work and a veritable battery of drum-kit abuse that hurled Yattering into a lot of fans' 'next big thing' polls in the year of its release (me included), which is a shame seeing as it only went downhill for them from this point on. On the odd occasion throughout, they sound as if they may soon be threatening to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of death metal, however it never really comes into fruition. The absurd speeds and overall hateful spiteful feel of the album was only marred by a lack of true spark to really get your blood pumping. The album does have some fucking brilliant parts to be fair, but these are overshadowed by the mediocre sections after sitting through it.

So, Yattering were a band with the talent and professionalism to really go places, only to be let down by their own musical noodlings in future releases, and lack of spark. Such is life. A slightly above average Death metal album from a very average Death metal band.

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