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Dark Angel - We Have Arrived

Dark Angel's much sought after debut album on a weird, hybrid release between Axe Killer Records and Metal Hammer. Can't find much information about this particular version of the release bar that it looks like - rather bizarrely - that it was given away with the Greek Metal Hammer Magazine (or part of some weird thrash collection released in conjunction with them). It's the full album, with full release sleeves etc, so this is a pretty odd addition to my collection so far as I'm concerned.


  1. Let me shed some light on this release, since I am Greek and I happen to have this CD.

    Yes, this was indeed given away with an issue of the Greek Metal Hammer, back in the late 90's. I cannot recall which issue in particular, but it must have been back in '96-97. The total number of CDs pressed must had been quite large, since the magazine was a best seller during those days, and almost every meatlhead's home had a copy of it. This was most like done with full permission of at least the label, because it looks quite professionally made. Similar Greek Metal Hammer only releases were Destruction - Eternal Devastation, Heir Apparent - Graceful Inheritance, Holocaust - The Nightcomers, lots of compilations, and many more. By the end of the decade, this trade had died down, until it sparingly resurfaced years later

    As a result, this CD is very easy to find here in Greece, Greek sellers sell it on ebay all the time and it is a cheaper than other pressings.

  2. Cool! Good to get some background on it - cheers!