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Thursday, 19 November 2015

R.I.P. - Source of Steel

Dear followers of the Source of Steel, it is time I give a fitting end to this collector's blog.

These days, I neither have the time or interest to continue (as the sporadic posts over the last year or so probably prove), so time to finally lay it to rest. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, but pending some otherworldly and unforeseen turnaround in my outlook - it's time to draw the website to a close.

Source of Steel started as a way of pulling together a group of like-minded folk who are interested in heavy metal, and physical releases - to an extent it worked. I've spoken to people from all over the world and have even met up with some in the real world. Although it never became anything more than an underground site who people would stumble across from time to time, it was a labour of love - it still makes me laugh to see how many eBay listings have 'borrowed' my pics for selling their goods too!

All the old titles will stay live for as long as I can afford to pay for the domain, so it will stand as an archive indefinitely. Hope you've enjoyed it. Signing off fittingly with my 666th (and final) post...
Source of Steel - R.I.P. 2010-2015

Monday, 27 July 2015

Lunacy ‎– Face No More

The debut album of the Swiss thrash obscurity that is Lunacy here, on Magic Records/1MF. Decent US styled thrash, with a nicely rabid guitar tone with enough chunk to see em through. Unfortunately for them, they were one of those bands who got swept away by the wave of Death metal that was everywhere by the time this was released (1991). Always nice to unearth some thrash from the 90s which doesn't completely suck though! Worth a look!

Exciter ‎– Heavy Metal Maniac / Violence & Force

A nice 2 album compilation here of Canada's Exciter, featuring their first two releases, 1983s 'Heavy Metal Maniac' and 1984s 'Violence & Force' on Megaforce/Caroline Records (1989). Arguably their best two albums, it features rock-solid proto-thrash-cum-speed metal at a high level of quality - exactly what you would expect with the added purity of the early 80s. The only issue I have with this release is that the label decided to chop off a track from each album to make it fit on one disc - one of the most annoying and retarded traits of studios back in the days - not acceptable. Nether-the-less, this is well worth checking out if you haven't done so already, but chances are you already will have :)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Abramelin - Abramelin

The self titled debut album from Australian death crew Abramelin here, in it's equally hard to find reissue pressing on Dave Rotten's Repulse Records. An angry, punishing ball of muscular death metal here - a band well worth investigating for those who were previously unaware of their existence.

Vendetta - Go and Live ... Stay and Die

The debut full length of Germany's well loved Vendetta here, in it's original pressing on Noise Records. Need I say more about this release? Well if I must. This along with their 2nd effort 'Brain Damage' is held in high regard for good reason - these guys were the ones only just in the shadow of the big Teutonic three of Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. In fact, at times they were on a pretty much level playing field (at least in my opinion). So, if you haven't heard these guys, please - do yourself a favour and get hunting.

Dead On - Dead On

Dead On here, with their one and only album from 1989 on SBK Records. These guys had a sound which took parts of Megadeth and Overkill and added in a slight Power metal edge. They had some interesting lyrical stances, but you can see how they got lost in the wave of late 80s thrash - pretty generic in all. Still, worth a look for those who have an insatiable hunger for all that is 80s metal.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Revenant - The Burning Ground

This 2005 compilation on Xtreem Music features a fair stack of demo material from the earlier days of Revenant, as well as stuff produced after their debut was released (from 87-93). Whilst not as striking as their full length album 'Prophecies of a Dying World', it's packed with some pretty powerful death/thrash goodies. Out of print.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Misery - A Necessary Evil

Been a while hasn't it? Apologies for the lack of radio contact. Been pretty busy with that pesky thing they call 'life'. But now, it's time for an update, and what a way to kick things back off again. Misery - A Necessary Evil, original press on Velvet Urge Records. The debut full length from this Aussie death crew, and for me - their best release (that's usually the way, isn't it?). Really dark death metal, well worth a punt if you can find it.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Monstrosity - Imperial Doom / Millennium

A classic of the death metal genre right here, Monstrosity's debut album Imperial Doom as an original Nuclear Blast pressing from 1992 and their second album Millennium from 1996 (also on Nuclear Blast). Monstrosity's quality went downhill after the loss of vocalist George Fisher to Cannibal Corpse in my opinion, but these albums stand head and shoulders above a large portion of others in terms of ferocity, catchiness and downright enjoyment stakes. A rare couple of albums which are worth the price they go on eBay for in my opinion!

Patriarch - Prophecy

The debut album from Belgian power/thrash group Patriarch here, released on Shark Records. This was released to little or no fanfare back in 1990, but to be fair it packs in some decent quality riffage into its just over 40 minute run time. Worth a look.