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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sabbat - ...for Satan and Sacrifice

Sabbat are a mainstay of the underground, not only being one of the longest running purveyors of extremity, but one of the most consistently high in quality material. Everyone should own at least one of their releases in my opinion. '...for Satan and Sacrifice' is their 1995 compilation featuring (then) new and re-recorded tracks, and as their CDs go, it's one of their most sought after (along with all their original Evil Records CD releases). Good quality rabid black/thrash, as you would expect!

Miasma - Love Songs E.P.

The final release of the brilliant Austrians Miasma here, with an all too short EP 'Love Songs'. These guys were of course best known for their only full length album 'Changes' (also features on this very site, albeit the Napalm Records re-issue), which was an early nineties slice of badassery. Too short to warrant a recommendation to seek out (especially when taking into consideration the price it generally goes for these days on the likes of eBay and Discogs), but still a nice collectors piece none the less. Lethal Records.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Symphony of Grief - Our Blessed Conqueror E.P.

This is the 1995 EP from US doom/death crew Symphony of Grief. The band have been in and out of existence, but have finally reformed and released new material in the last few years. A real morbid tone about this release reminding of Incantation at times, but perhaps with more of a slow and torturous edge. Well worth looking into for a slow, crushing dose of death. Original Wild Rags pressing.

Cephalic Carnage - Conforming to Abnormality

The debut album from Colorado's very own "hydrogrind" merchants Cephalic Carnage here, in its original pressing on Headfucker Records. Did I mention that these guys worship weed? No? Well that's pretty much the quintessence of what we have here; a ganja grinding schizophrenic blaster of an album, incorporating groove, core, sludge and doom into their sound. This was the first full length to make their mark and whilst better things were to come, this has the odd spark of creativity and has enough to hold your attention throughout. Decent!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hyste'riah G.B.C. - Snakeworld

More obscurity here from the strangely named Hyste'riah G.B.C. (their name coming from the amalgamation of two separate bands, and wanting to use both names - Hyste'riah & God B.C!). This is old school fast paced thrash, with decent tempos and a few twists and turns to keep things interesting. Not an easy CD to find, this is the original pressing on Hellhound Records.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pungent Stench - Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats

Finally managed to find this for a low price (hence why it was missing from my 400th post all those months/years ago - the search had been ongoing and extensive!). A nice cover, no? Anyway, you know Pungent Stench don't you? So you know what to expect on this sought after EP. More of the same gastric juice gargling vocals and shit lapping riffs! Another old school Nuclear Blast throwback...

Nokturnel - Nothing But Hatred

Here is the debut album from US death/thrash crew Nokturnel, released on the renowned JL America label in 1993. JL America had some top quality stuff (Deteriorate, Killing Addiction and Morpheus Descends, for example), but they also released some true stinkers. This falls somewhere in between, as it has it's moments as an album, but it feels a little disjointed at times. Still, check it out on YouTube and make up your own decisions.

Epidemic - Decameron

A hugely underrated and generally unknown gem right here. For any fan of Slayers 'Reign in Blood', with a mix up of thrown in Demolition Hammer, Terrorizer etc - this album will be like nectar from the Gods for you. Crazy aggression, speed and great musicianship is all here. This is the bands 2nd album, and it's not crazy hard to get your hands on, even now it's been out of print for a good while. Check it out if you dare! Original Metal Blade pressing.

Drunken State - Kilt By Death

Glaswegian thrashers here Drunken State, with their one and only album 'Kilt By Death' (yes, they went there). Pretty much as obscure as you'll find a thrash rarity, and as it goes the album is pretty good fun as thrash albums go. An aggressive guitar tone with a vocalist who sounds more like Blaze Bailey/falsetto Anselmo than any thrash vocalist, adding more of an epic tone to their sound. A strange but pleasing album, certainly one to look out for - original press on Heavy Metal Records, and not the easiest to come across on your daily travels.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Broken Hope - Swamped in Gore / Bowels of Repugnance

One of the earliest purveyors of extreme guts and gore, Broken Hope were a pretty simplistic affair as a death metal band. No frills, heads down, severe musical torture - in a good way! Featured here are the bands first two releases, both in their original pressings. Later pressings of their debut album on Metal Blade had different cover art, but this is the original Grindcore press. Good shit, if you're into the style.