Welcome to Source of Steel - The Heavy Metal Museum. All CD exhibits pictured are from my own personal collection. Hopefully the collector/geek in you will find something of interest between the out of print & rarities (and as of 2016, the more mainstream and available as well). The 2016 resurrection update includes larger high quality images, a slightly smoother design and an awfully 'shopped banner which actually made me laugh out loud at my own skills (or lack thereof). But hey, it's all about the DIY bitches.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Azrael - There Shall Be No Answer...

Another slice of obscure rarity here, with Swiss death metal band Azrael and their only full length album 'There Shall Be No Answer'. This is a great (mostly) undiscovered gem, featuring a wholeheartedly old school approach to death metal, mixing in the US and European styles to great effect. Not original by any means, but far from triggered drums and overproduced plastic DM as you can wish for. Good stuff, gets quite a bit of play from yours truly.

Osculum Infame - Dor-nu-Fauglith

A late Merry Christmas to you all, you filthy animals. But more importantly, hope you're all experiencing a happy new year so far. Kicking 2017 off with another rarity here, with French black metallers Osculum Infame. This is pretty hard to find these days, even though Mordgrimm stuff was generally in pretty good supply in the 90s. Perhaps there's 100s of 2nd hand shops throughout the world with racks stuffed with these? eBay and Discogs prices would say not. Haha. Worth picking up for fans of authentic, orthodox BM. Killer!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Funeral Nation - After The Battle

A beautiful little gem here to tide you over this Christmas... the 1991 full length album from Chicagoan thrashers Funeral Nation. This is an angry fucker of an album, which buzzes with intensity, channelling Slayer and Venom, meshing them into an electrical storm of deathly thrash. Original pressing on Turbo Records, not easy to find - but so worth the hunt.

Xentrix - The Order of Chaos EP

Something I picked up from a car boot sale a few months ago for 25p, adding a little "non-essential" goodness to my Xentrix collection. This single features the lead single of their much maligned album 'Kin', where they started to... well.. not mellow out per se, but become incredibly more groove oriented and cut out their awesome aggressive thrashiness that their earlier material was loved for. Very much passable in my opinion, but here it is none-the-less. Roadracer Records.

Autopsy - Fiend For Blood EP

Autopsy need no introduction, but this is one of their great early EPs. The tracks on this have featured on re-issued versions of 'Acts of the Unspeakable', but here it is in it's original Peaceville slimcase glory.

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu - Legend of Shadow

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu here with their album Legend of Shadow. Some fine death metal from a little known Japanese band. Similarities with Defiled can be heard (they shared a band member in fact). These guys have phenomenal grooves and gnarled blasting - well worth investigating. It's just a shame their albums are pretty hard to find in the western world!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Deathrow - Satan's Gift / Raging Steel

The debut and sophomore albums from German thrash crew Deathrow here. These are the original CD pressings which were released by Displeased Records in 2008, as they never had an official release on CD before this time I believe. Their debut 'Satan's Gift' also had a censored release under the name of 'Riders of Doom' with different artwork for the easily upset US market too, but Displeased decided to release the album as it was meant to be enjoyed. Good quality, 80s Teutonic thrash. What's not to love? Go mad, and seek these out if you haven't already.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Furbowl - Those Shredded Dreams

The debut album from Swedes Furbowl, in it's original pressing on Step One Records (it was re-issued by Vic Records in 2009 with a bonus disc of demo material). At this point they were very much purveyors of the death n roll sound, much like a lot of bands who heard 'Wolverine Blues' and became obsessed with the mixture of groove and extremity.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Miscreant - Dreaming Ice

Swedish death metal crew Miscreant here, with their sole full length album from 1994 on Wrong Again Records. These guys took the early At The Gates sound (their Deaf Records era) and ran with it, so you should have a good idea what to expect from their sound. It's pretty good for what it is, like many of the bands who missed the boat in the early 90s amongst the outpouring of talent that took the limelight. These guys supposedly recorded a 2nd album, but it never saw the light of day - shame.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Wombbath / Departed Souls - Embracing the Cold (Split)

A well known band from the past who has reunited for new glories, and a not so well known hungry up and comer - got to love a split album, and this album, although not showing off much material from either band, is a nice slab of gnarled death which spews diesel and shits acid. Wombbath are back showing of their awesomeness, and Departed Souls show major promise with chainsaw guitars and vocals from hell. Raw Skull Recordz.

Dark Fortress - Venereal Dawn

German black metal crew Dark Fortress here, with this most recent album from 2014. These guys have been incredibly consistent throughout the years, and this album keeps up their misanthropic awesomeness with blood drooling glee. Digipak pressing on Century Media.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dissection - Storm of the Lights Bane

Do I really need a caption for this? An original jewel case pressing on Nuclear Blast of one of my favourite albums of all time. A lot of Dissection enthusiasts argue over which is best, this, or 'The Somberlain' (also featured elsewhere on this site in it's original pressing on No Fashion). For me, it's this - hands down. Some of the best melodious black/death you're ever likely to hear - some of the melodies give me chills to this day.

Krisiun - Arise From Blackness

A compilation of material from the growling boys from Brazil Krisiun here. This release combines their much sought after 'Unmerciful Order' EP, as well as tracks from their split with Violent Hate. There's also a bonus of one unreleased song, but I guess that's the sweetener for completists who already have the rest of the material. Still, a good odds and sods release featuring the band at their early feral best.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Broken Hope - Repulsive Conception / Loathing

Original pressings of the 3rd and 4th albums of infamous US death metal crew, Broken Hope (their first and second albums can be found featured elsewhere on this site). I remember these guys were always seen as pretty much seen as a 'meat and potatoes' band back in the 90s when they were releasing these albums, but are seen in a much warmer light with hindsight (I'd say it's because there was just such a huge glut of quality stuff coming out at that time to be honest). These guys used to push the gore / shock value of their lyrics to the nth degree too, putting the likes of Cannibal Corpse to shame. Good stuff.

Mgla - Exercises In Futility

Mgla, one of the shining lights of not only the Polish black metal scene, but black metal as a whole at present. These guys have been churning out excellent black metal for well over 10 years now, and 'Exercises in Futility' is their latest full length addition. Definitely one to give some time to if you're in any way a fan of the subgenre.